Bare Skeleton for Component Fit Test

After all the research and purchasing the parts, it’s time to put them all together to make sure they fit and work together. This first draft is only a test of component fit using a minimalist bare skeleton. It would not yet be a PC that I can lug around.

In addition to the aforementioned GPU mount, I had to design and 3D print a few other parts. The SFX12V PSU needed its own mounting bracket. As did the screen: I had the metal plate mating surface liberated from the monitor stand, but I needed to design and 3D print a part the metal bracket will attach to and in turn attach to the rest of the skeleton.

The skeleton itself is built out of Misumi HFS3 aluminum extrusions, which is 15mm by 15mm in cross section and well-suited to work with M3 screws and nuts. The nuts are the best feature of HFS3 – all I needed were standard M3 nuts. In contrast, HFS5 needed special Misumi M5 nuts that cost way more than standard M3 nuts.

The design of the skeleton is nothing special – a simple functional design that resembles the Yamakasi Catleap + HP Z220 luggable frame built several weeks ago at Tux-Lab.

I needed a laser-cut sheet of acrylic to tie everything together, so I packed up all the bits and pieces in their original enclosures for the trip to Tux-Lab.

Luggable PC Mark II parts

One laser-cut sheet of acrylic and a few hours of assembly work later, I have the first draft for Luggable PC Mark II! The components are left open and vulnerable but that’s not the point of this first draft. It’s just to make sure all the parts fit. Some minor fit issues were encountered but nothing terribly major.

I declare the fitness test a success. Onward to further refinements!

Luggable PC Mark II first draft

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