Simplify3D Custom Supports for Lenovo L24q-20 Power Adapter Bracket

The Luggable PC Mark II project is built around the Lenovo L24q-20 QHD (2560×1440) monitor. One of the reasons I chose this screen was because its AC power adapter is relatively small and I thought I could package it within the enclosure. For Revision A, I didn’t do anything fancy: the power adapter is zip-tied to one of the aluminum extrusions. I should do better for Revision B.

Monitor PSU zip tie

The goal is to design a mounting bracket that can hold the AC adapter in place, look relatively elegant, allow easy removal of the adapter, and do it all while taking up minimal space. This is commonly solved by a bracket with flexible claws to hold the object in place, so I designed one of my own tailored to the dimensions of this adapter.

Monitor PSU CAD

My 3D printer can translate this CAD object into the real world, but it needs a little help. Deposition modeling type 3D printers like mine can’t put things in arbitrary locations in space, due to pesky things like gravity. The fastener screw hole in the middle has enough surrounding material for the 3D printer to build up the top of the hole despite gravity, but the tines at the end need to be supported while printing.

This is one of the strengths of Simplify3D as slicer – the ability to customize these printing supports. I wanted supports to help me print the fork tines on the ends, but I didn’t want any support for the fastener hole as they are unnecessary and, if present, would be very difficult to remove. In Cura 2.x (which came with the 3D printer) supports are an all-or-nothing proposition. I could not selectively choose what to support. Simplify3D allows me to do so.

Monitor PSU S3D

And thanks to this custom support, I have a clean fastener hole along with fork tines to hold the power adapter in place. I don’t use Simplify3D custom supports very frequently, but when I do, I’m very glad I have the tool at my disposal.

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