Notes on “Tour of Heroes” Tutorial 1: Editor

Once the Angular workspace has been set up and initialized, our tutorial proceeds to the creation of the first Angular component: an editor for our main data object, the superhero. Of course we have to be able to rename them ourselves, because the tutorial gives us a list of non-copyright-infringing superhero names and we want to be able to correct them.

Instead of right-clicking as in StackBlitz, here we run ng generate component to add a new component to our Angular application. And this time we took a little more time by getting into more detail on the individual steps and what they do. This helps us understand what each line of the boilerplate code does. It is mentioned that ng generate also generates a test file for the component, though we don’t get into writing tests in this tutorial. Which is a bit of a shame. Hopefully I can find resources on writing tests elsewhere.

The most interesting mechanism demonstrated here is two-way databinding. I loved the fact that we added it in the template first, without supporting infrastructure, so we can see it break (and the corresponding error messages) before fixing it. I find this more instructive than a tutorial where we never see any of the error messages. But I did run into a brief problem where the two way bind didn’t seem to work. I entered a new name in the textbox and the hero name didn’t change. Oops. I saw no error messages and didn’t know how to start digging in to debug on my own, so I tried the simple thing first: I hit F5 on the browser to refresh. And that did the trick. Perhaps some caching has tripped me up? I’d like to know what happened. But now that the symptoms are gone, all I can do is proceed to the next tutorial step.

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