Remo+ DoorCam Cleverly Solves Installation Challenges

Personally I’m on the skeptical side of the current smart home wave. The cost/benefit ratio still doesn’t work well enough to justify the purchase, with the single exception of a Nest Thermostat which has paid for itself by turning down the heat when I am away. But skepticism doesn’t prevent me from appreciating a clever design when I see it.

There’s been a few products that try to make a smart front door. From a digital keypad lock to a fully internet connected front door monitoring system. The problem is that most products require some sort of hardware (in the Home Depot sense) modification that is not always possible. For example people living in apartments are not allowed to replace locks, drill holes in the door, or run wires in the walls. A nondestructive stick-on solution outside the front door would meet those requirements, but is in turn vulnerable to theft.

As soon as I saw a picture of the Remo+ DoorCam I realized their proposed solution and its simplicity: hook it over the top of the door. This keeps the majority of electronics inside while still presenting the camera outside, and installation is a quick and easy job which does not require anything from a home improvement store. The design has some limitations on the thickness of door, and the camera lens is still vulnerable to vandalism, but thieves can’t just pull the whole unit and walk off with it.

Simple and effective: hallmarks of a cool innovative design.



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