Sawppy Cleanup After Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

Sawppy had a successful appearance at Maker Faire Bay Area 2019, where the two major novelties were an impromptu raincoat and an emergency steering servo replacement. Once Sawppy was home, though, there were a few cleanup and maintenance items before Sawppy is ready for the next event.

First of all, Sawppy’s wheels are filthy after running around San Mateo Event Center over the course of Maker Faire. There was mud, there was dirt, spilled coffee, dropped popsicles, and rain making all of those problems both better (washing off larger chunks) and worse (spread a thin layer across entire circumference.) Like what happened after Downtown LA Mini Maker Faire, Sawppy needed to kick off all six shoes and give them a nice long soak in chlorine-enhanced water. An retired toothbrush was used to scrub each wheel of dirt particles.  But despite the brushing and the chlorine, Sawppy’s wheels get a little dirtier with every public event. I’m not terribly concerned about this cosmetic aspect, as long as the physical mechanical capabilities are not degraded by worn grousers on the wheels.

Secondly, we have a mechanical issue to investigate. The left rear wheel is now freewheeling instead of helping to propel the rover. This was discovered late Maker Faire Sunday. At that point Sawppy still had to attend Oshpark’s Bring-a-Hack at BJ’s Restaurants, but Sawppy would spend most of that event standing up on a table. So I decided to postpone dealing with that issue until later… now is later! This turned out to be the servo horn screw backing out, allowing the servo horn to slide off that servo’s output shaft. There seems to be some minor damage from chewed up teeth, but a quick test indicates there’s enough remaining to transmit power so Sawppy should be fine.

And finally, we found another consequence of a rainy Maker Faire: Sawppy’s steel drive shafts have started to rust. This seems to have made wheel removal much more difficult so I should investigate rust removal and prevention before reassembling everything.

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