Padadena Chalk Festival 2019

This past weekend was spent looking over artists working intently at Paseo Colorado for Pasadena Chalk Festival 2019. I feel it is to chalk artists what badge hacking at Supercon are for electronics people. Since I never graduated beyond the kindergarten stage of chalk art, I learned about surprising variety of tools and techniques for applying chalk to concrete. As someone who loves to learn about behind-the-scenes of every creation, it’s fun to revisit certain favorite pieces to see them progress through the weekend.

There were many original works, but most of my attention were focused on recreations of animated characters and scenes I’ve already seen. A notable departure from this pattern was a large mural depicting space exploration including my favorite Mars rover Curiosity:

Monsters, Inc. characters by Jazlyn Jacobo:

Kiki’s Delivery Service:

Aladdin’s Genie and Carpet play a game of chess. Drawn by Jen:

A scene from Toy Story 4 teaser, drawn in front of the theater which will be playing the movie next weekend. Drawn by Gus Moran:

Lion Kings Simba and Mufasa by Kathleen Sanders. This was quite fitting since it was also Father’s day:

Grandfather and grandson from Coco feature in this highly detailed composition by Patty Gonzalez:

Other works I liked:

This artist, who is drawing a chalk portrait of Luke Skywalker as X-Wing pilot, brought along a 3D prop in the form of a full-sized R2-D2.

Chalk festival R2D2

The most novel piece was by C.Nick in the Animation Alley. Here I expected to find artists working with animated characters… I was delighted to find an actual animated chalk drawing.

Chalk festival C Nick tinkerbell



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