Cardboard Absurdity: Sexy Minion

I abandoned the first draft of my cardboard Mike Wazowski for another attempt later, but I did not abandon my other Hallowing. An idea to put it to use came courtesy of Emily’s reply to my cardboard minion tweet.

This “sexy minion” is certainly not something I would have found on my own, and my initial reaction was probably what Emily intended: vaguely disturbed and resignation to the fact I can’t un-see that image.

But it’s on Twitter now, and it’s also in my brain now, and I do have an extra Hallowing on hand, so I decided to play along with the joke with a minimum-effort project. I imported the image into a photo editor and scaled it so the eye is the right size to use with a Hallowing. Fortunately it fit on a sheet of standard letter-sized paper so I didn’t have to crop any part of it off.

I tried to print it on my color inkjet printer, but that thing hasn’t printed anything in months (possibly years) so naturally its print nozzles were clogged. A standard unclog routine did not fix it and I didn’t want to spend time troubleshooting. (Remember: minimal effort.) So I printed on my monochrome laser printer and colored it in manually afterwards using markers.

Given the minimal effort I didn’t try to trace the outline curves with my new favorite cardboard tool the Canary knife, just a rectangular piece of cardboard and the marker-colorized paper taped on top. My X-Acto blade made quick work of the eyehole, and the second Hallowing was taped in place. I set it up my convertible photo studio for a quick video and threw it up on Twitter.

This silly little project couldn’t have taken more than half an hour (even less if I subtract fussing with the clogged inkjet) and it turned out to be unexpectedly (or is that disturbingly?) popular. As a result I have the sinking feeling this is not the last I’ve seen of “sexy minion”.

I also felt a bit bad that I didn’t put in the time to research where that drawing came from. It wasn’t a big deal when I thought it’d just be a throwaway joke between friends, but with thousands of views the artist’s name should have been attached. I can’t edit my original tweet, but I could at least credit the artist @nicoisesalade here:

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