iFixit Pixel 3a Screen Replacement Kit

Today’s post is an iFixit fan post. It is not paid or sponsored by iFixit, I’m just really really impressed by my latest purchase: the iFixit Pixel 3a screen replacement kit. I’ve been given a Google Pixel 3a cell phone with a shattered screen, and I thought I would try my hand at replacing its screen. iFixit’s replacement kit should mesh well with their screen replacement guide, which I will be using.

This is not my first phone repair. I’ve bought replacement parts from several Amazon & eBay vendors. I decided to upgrade for this project and I’m glad I did. None of those prior repair kits come anywhere close to the iFixit kit in quality and completeness.

My positive impressions started with the shipping box.

As soon as we open the box, we get an encouraging “You got this” on the first flap we see. I love it.

Inside the box are several smaller boxes. Two labeled “Repair Tools” and one “Repair Part”.

Inside these boxes are the replacement screen plus all the tools we’d need to replace it. Starting from the sticker pack on the left, we have:

And finally, the replacement screen module itself along with a custom cut sheet of adhesive. The latter is a premium luxury not always found in other products. Many Amazon/eBay vendors sell replacement screen modules with generic rectangular strips of adhesive we would have to cut to shape ourselves. Some didn’t include the adhesive at all! (If that should happen to you, iFixit can still help as they sell the custom-cut adhesive separately.)

At the time of this writing, iFixit charges a $7 premium for the full kit over just the screen module by itself., which is in turn only a few dollars more expensive than lowest bidder of the day. I decided to go for the full kit and I’m glad I did, these tools are well worth the price difference and gave me confidence I have everything I needed to tackle my screen replacement project.

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