Snow Globe Liqueur LED

This Christmas themed novelty product “Snowglobe Orange & Gingerbread Gin Liqueur” is an alcohol beverage packaged in a globular glass bottle resembling a snow globe. Contributing to the theme is a small quantity of edible gold flakes in the liquid that can float like snowflakes, illuminated by LEDs embedded in the base. I didn’t care about the alcohol, but I asked (and was given) the empty bottle afterwards so I could remove that LED circuit to see an example of low-cost disposable production.

Each press of the bottom toggles LED power on/off. There may be a sleep timer to turn off LED after some period, but I didn’t test that.

The LED circuit board is surrounded by a circle of soft foam, which is in turn glued to the bottle. It peeled off easily.

Four surface-mounted white LEDs are visible, labeled L1 through L4. Each pair (L1+L2, L3+L4) are in series. The two 3V coin-cell batteries are also in series for 6V power supply. Battery positive terminal is connected to both pairs of LED series at their anode (+) and control chip U1. Battery ground is connected to control chip U1 and nowhere else. U1 has six pins: two pins for power and ground, two for LED cathode (one for each pair), and two more for the switch.

Peeling circuit board away from foam, the two switch terminals are visible. Closing this circuit is the job of a small piece of conductive metal, here still held by the bottom sticker. The metal is a thin springy sheet stamped into a dome shape. Pressing and collapsing the dome closes the switch circuit. Releasing the dome lets it pop back up and open the circuit.

Anything that conducts electricity bridged across those circuit board contacts will toggle LED on/off.

This was designed to be thrown away along with the bottle once the alcohol has been consumed. I’ve tossed the bottle into glass recycle bin and I’m keeping the light, even though at the moment I have no use for a dim battery-powered LED circuit with push on/off.

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