Bolting SV200 Wheel to Stand

I wanted to play my driving game Forza Horizon 5 with a steering wheel controller and bought the cheapest option on Amazon. When delivered, I found on my doorstep a perfectly serviceable if basic wheel and pedal setup. A Superdrive SV200 wheel+pedal(*) is made almost entirely of plastic which is not very rigid but should be sturdy enough to last until I lose interest, or until I decide to upgrade to a better wheel, whichever comes first. But the simple lightweight construction also meant it’s hard to keep it in place. My old Xbox 360 steering wheel had a clamp for fastening to my IKEA LACK coffee table, Superdrive SV200 had four small suction cups which are better than nothing but not nearly good enough.

I thought about using bar clamps I had on hand but SV200 base had a sloped top surface making it difficult to clamp. I ruled out Velcro as not strong enough and I ruled out glue as too permanent. Then I considered removable metal fasteners like machine screws and bolts. A standard threaded bolt and nut would have the same problem as a clamp: the top surface is not flat.

Looking in my jar of salvaged fasteners, I thought this set might do the trick. Salvaged from a retired IKEA PELLO chair, the threaded nut is cylindrical to fit within a hole drilled in wood. It could also rotate to adapt to a SV200’s sloped top.

What shall I bolt my SV200 to? I’m not opposed to drilling holes in my IKEA LACK coffee table as they’re pretty cheap. But they’re also very thick and these salvaged PELLO bolts aren’t long enough. From experience I know they’re also a bit too light: when I have my Xbox 360 wheel clamped to my coffee table I could still move the whole thing (wheel + table) when I’m excited in the middle of playing. I looked around the house for something that is (1) the correct height, and (2) have some heft, and (3) have a thin metal top that I am willing to drill into for fastening a SV200. After a few days of coming up empty, I resigned to the conclusion that I would have to spend money and buy something.

I again looked to Amazon for the cheapest option and chose this stand. (*) Made of simple sheet metal welded to rectangular tubes, it was designed to be compatible with some popular Logitech wheels and can fold up when not in use. (Very useful.) There were holes predrilled presumably matching the advertised compatible Logitech wheels, but obviously not for a SV200.

One reason I chose a cheap SV200 was so I wouldn’t be afraid to open it up and make my own modifications. It was mostly empty inside as expected, so it wasn’t difficult to avoid existing components as I drilled some holes to match those already on the stand.

Cylindrical nuts of salvaged IKEA PELLA bolts worked exactly as I hoped they would. Now my SV200 is securely bolted to a cheap but sturdy and hefty stand. First few playing sessions were promising, I’ll spend more time and see how things go. If I choose to upgrade to a better wheel, I could buy one of the Logitech units that should bolt directly to this stand without drilling. But I think I’m more likely to open the SV200 back up for additional modifications.

(Though I confess the most likely outcome is that I lose interest and it will sit and collect dust.)

(*) Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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