Notes on Vue.js “Best Practices”

As a Vue.js beginner, I doubt I’ll be building large scope projects in the near future. Despite that fact, I skimmed through solutions for scaling up a Vue.js application just to get a glimpse of what that involves. After that section of Vue.js documentation was “Best Practices”, and some of the items they called out were interesting.

When I tried out Vue.js Quick Start application, I was impressed by how small it was relative to the bare-bones boilerplate generated by Angular command line tools. I was curious what Vue.js would say about “Production Deployment” to make it even smaller and faster, and the answer is “not much”. The boilerplate build process with Vite apparently generates quite small code and any improvements would require domain-specific (and/or scenario-specific) optimizations.

Moving the focus from download size to runtime speed, there are a few tips for performance optimizations. As a Vue beginner, there weren’t much for me to absorb from this page. Either they are broad general optimization considerations that I’ve known from other contexts, or they dive into the deep weeds (what’s a shallowReactive?) that I didn’t yet understand.

I was glad to see Accessibility get its own section under Best Practices, but was mildly disappointed that its content appeared to be a rehash of general web accessibility concepts without any Vue-specific features. It would be nice if Vue directly help make building accessible sites easier, but I’ll settle for the topic at least getting mentioned even if generically.

For Security, it was great that their first and foremost item is Never Use Untrusted Templates. Good tip! About half of the rest of this page are variations on the same theme, giving examples of how user-provided information can be abused and how developers need to design against those abuses. Vue has minor protections in place, such as automatic escaping of strings, but it’s not foolproof. The developer must stay on guard.

These are all good tips, putting me in a good mood to finish off this set of Vue.js developer guides.

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