Portable External Monitor v3 + Raspberry Pi

The work for portable external monitor (version 3) is winding down and now it’s time for it to get to work. First up: help configure a Raspberry Pi to run the ARM port for ROS Kinetic.


This is the culmination of several different projects documented on this blog. Most obvious is the portable external monitor project. Which incorporated LED light design from the edge light investigation project. The 12 volt power from the LCD panel driver board is tapped to power the Raspberry Pi, stepped down to 5 volts by the MP1584 voltage step-down converter recently purchased on Amazon. The Raspberry Pi is housed in the 3D-printed enclosure that was one of my first projects in Onshape.

And on the software side, I’m just getting started on learning the Robot Operating System. This specific configuration will help me learn how to set up and run a ROS network across multiple nodes, one being my desktop PC and the other this Raspberry Pi.

Many projects, combined to become whole new projects!

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