SGVHAK Rover Mentioned By Pasadena Now

pasnow-caltech-03The rover made an appearance in the local news Pasadena Now as picture #3 in the photo gallery. (As did I, though I was not named and the picture only shows me from mid-torso down.) It’s cool to see that the local newspaper editor looked over their pictures of Caltech’s Science for March event this past weekend and chose the rover as one of the top ten to include in the gallery.

I think I even remember this photographer. (People wielding SLR cameras are few and far in between in this day of cell phone cameras.) I’m a little sad we didn’t speak, which resulted in the wildly inaccurate photo caption. I didn’t get to promote the JPL Open Source Rover project, nor SGVHAK’s role in beta testing the build instructions. Oh well.

The NASA stickers on the wheels serve a functional purpose: since the rover will be running on dirt and grass, we risk contamination and possible jamming if any debris got into the open faced planetary gearbox. The most convenient wheel cover turned out to be NASA stickers handed out by another booth. It’s almost the right diameter and a perfect fit for our mars rover inspired robot project.

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