Rovers Gonna Rove at SGVLUG/SGVHAK BBQ

The annual summer BBQ for San Gabriel Valley Linux User’s Group (SGVLUG + offshoot subgroups like SGVHAK) was this past weekend, so obviously a few projects from the group made a showing too. This included our SGVHAK rover and my own follow-up Sawppy the Rover.

Sawppy joined the socializing first, hanging out next to some of the seats attracting attention from members who haven’t seen the motorized rover model before. (And some who have but just wanted another look.)


Later in the evening, SGVHAK rover joined on the party. The rovers would occasionally run around sometimes at the same time and sometimes into each other. They sort of got into the way of people at times, getting underfoot like a big cat might. Fortunately nobody tripped and fell over a rover.


This was Sawppy’s first public outing since conversion to PETG, a conversion motivated by earlier PLA parts that deformed under heat. This weekend turned out to be a great test since the entire region is in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave. And this time, Sawppy did not melt under the scorching sun.

Sawppy also got a few different pilots, as anyone who expressed interest was offered a chance to take the helm. Partially to share the toy, but also to get some time seeing Sawppy driven by people who don’t drive the same way I do. The intent was to probe for unknown areas of weakness – after all, this type of activity is how we exposed the weakness in SGVHAK rover’s original steering mechanism.

Fortunately no such flaws were found today. Sawppy survived the evening driving by multiple people (and running over things, and running into things) without any apparent damage. This is a very good endorsement of Sawppy’s design maturity.

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