Sawppy Builders

I started my Sawppy project in March 2018. By May 2018 I had my first rolling chassis but it was fragile. Every time my rover broke, I learn a little more about mechanical design, and Sawppy improved over the following months. I also started writing assembly instructions and supporting documentation to help any other interested people build their own Sawppy, not knowing if anyone would take me up on my offer. It was extremely gratifying to see other people have indeed accepted my invitation!

On my project site I’m going to start recognizing those who have embarked on their own Sawppy adventures, roughly in the order of when I learned about their efforts. Sometimes I learn about their ambitions before they got started, sometimes I learn about it only after their rover had been completed. Given this, it is likely there are other Sawppy builders out there I don’t know about at all! But that’s fine, I just love the fact there are more Sawppy rovers running around.

I used to list a few Sawppy builders on my Sawppy project description text, but the list has grown too long to fit in that space. I’m going to track Sawppy builds by continually updating a project log entry created for the purpose, editing it as I go to add more rovers as they come online. I don’t know if there’ll ever be a day when even this would become too unwieldy to track all the Sawppy builds out there… but as far as problems go, that’s one I would be very happy to have.

To everyone who decided my project was worth your own time and money and effort to build: Thank you.

It’s my privilege to link to all those Sawppy rovers in one place.

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