Unity 3D Editor for Ubuntu Is Almost Here

So far I’ve dipped my toes in the water of reinforcement learning, reinstalled Ubuntu and TensorFlow, and looked into Unity ML-Agents. It looks like I have a tentative plan for building my own reinforcement learning agents trained with TensorFlow in an Unity 3D environment.

There’s one problem with this plan, though: I have GPU-accelerated TensorFlow running in Ubuntu, but today Unity editor only supports MacOS and Windows. If I wanted to put them all together, on paper it means I’d have to get Nvidia GPU support up and running on my Windows partition and take on all the headaches that entails.

Thankfully, I’m not under a deadline to make this work immediately, so I can hope that Unity brings their editing and creation environment to Ubuntu. The latest preview build was released only a few days ago, and they expected that Linux will be a fully supported operating system for Unity Editor by the end of the year.

I suspect that they’ll be ready before I am, because I still have to climb the newcomer learning curve of reinforcement learning. I first have to learn the ropes using prebuilt OpenAI environments. It’ll be awhile before I can realistically contemplate designing on own agents and simulation environments.

Once I reach that point I hope I will be able to better evaluate whether my plan will actually work. Will Unity ML-Agents work with GPU-accelerated TensorFlow running in a Docker container on Ubuntu? I’ll have to find out when I get there.

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