Glow Flow Battery Tray

I now have some target numbers for designing a new power system for Glow Flow, and whatever system I design will need a big battery to enable long run times. The most capable batteries on hand (*) are those I purchased for Sawppy rover. These batteries are designed to deliver high amperage (~150A) by trading off raw capacity. They are not ideal batteries for Glow Flow, which would draw low amperage over a longer duration, but they’ll work and they’re already here.

I started designing the battery tray first because it is a simpler problem to solve as I start figuring out how to apply tool-less construction techniques for components inside the cylinder core. They will be clipped to the grooves in top and bottom end pieces. Batteries are also expected to be the largest and bulkiest component, so installing one will help me gauge how much volume remains to work with. Glow Flow battery clip assembled

A velcro strap holds the two pieces of this battery tray together. This strap was a free gift the battery manufacturer conveniently packaged alongside the battery.

Glow Flow battery clip installed

Previously the USB power bank was held in the center of the cylinder. This time around the battery is held against the inner side surface of Glow Flow core cylinder, leaving a few millimeters of space behind for wire routing. There appears to be plenty of space left for additional components. Next up: the power regulator board.

(*) Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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