Wiring Organization With Spiral Wrap And Zip Ties

The major components of the SGVHAK CNC project now all have assigned mounted locations, the Grbl ESP32 controller board being the most recent item. No longer sitting on whatever surface is convenient, a tidier arrangement of components allow a tidier arrangement of wires.

The repurposed aluminum extrusion beams have channels that turn out to be quite convenient for running wire bundles. And as long as we stay away from the cut ends of these beams, there are no sharp corners to raise wire damage concerns. So they were stuffed into a channel, and held in place with zip ties. This may or may not be a good long term idea, we’ll find out as we go.

Under the table, there is a metal cross beam just behind the metal plate where we’ve mounted the Parker ZETA4 motor drivers. This beam is an ideal location for extra length of wire to be coiled up and zip-tied out of the way.

The leaves what we should do about the wire that can’t be conveniently tucked into an extrusion nor tied to the cross beam, and the solution is spiral wrap. The downside of spiral wrap is the time consumed in their installation, a lot of labor just winding them around and around the wire bundle. This spool was available precisely because it was so tedious to install. The owner switched to a different and easier-to-install style of cable sleeves and donated these spiral wraps to the project. It stays with the theme of building this project out of salvaged and repurposed parts, and besides, beggars can’t be choosers!

Once we’ve done our housekeeping and the wires are much neater than before, we can return to feature work.

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