Display Zones of Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Now that we have a set of states for what to display on our vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) we’ll need to start dividing up the zones we’ll composite together to create the display at any given point in time.

The easiest part are digits at the center: core functionality is to display a time of day on four digits and the colon at their center. We might do something non-digital with them in other animated states, but we know we’ll show numbers appropriate for a time of day at some point.

To the left of those digits are the AM/PM elements, which will be part of time display. And as long as we’re display a time of day, we know only one of those two will be illuminated. They will never be both illuminated, nor both dark.

Above them are the days of week, and we know we’ll illuminate one and only one when showing our death prediction. Not more than one, and not zero.

Beyond these known zones, things get a little fuzzier. The ON/OFF elements are tentatively marked into their own zone, and the two rectangles above them in their own zone. The numbers 1 through 7 at the bottom will probably be their own zone, and finally off to the far right we have the “miscellaneous” section with OTR, CH, W, a clock face, and a dot. We have no plans to use any of them at the moment, but that could change.

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