Freebie Supercon SAO from

Digging through some old piles, found this advertisement freebie given out at Supercon 2018. (This was handed out by one of the attendees and not part of the conference goody bag.) The board already has all the surface mount pieces, I just need to solder the two through-hole components: the LED and the SAO header. It should be a short soldering project, might as well give it a shot.


With writing on both sides, I realized it wasn’t obvious which side each component should be soldered to. Well, I wasn’t going to use it as a badge SAO anyway, so it didn’t really matter. I chose arbitrary directions. Supercon 2018 SAO 40 connector

I’m not familiar with this “Qwiic” connector. It looks like something these guys are trying to promote as an interconnect for an ecosystem of components. I guess they saw Seeed Studio’s Grove Connectors and decided they had a better idea? This little giveaway didn’t exactly entice me to dive in to their system, but it did let me know it existed and to look it over. I guess mission accomplished for this little freebie giveaway.


I used my bench power supply to deliver 3.3 volts to the input pins. The LED lit up and that’s when I learned it was a fast color-changing LED. The lens is frosted instead of clear like the ones I’ve been using for fun, but the same basic idea.

It lights, it’s fine.

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