Node-RED Community Contributions

Evaluated in isolation as a novel way to program computers, Node-RED scores high. I got up and running with my serial communication projects much more quickly than writing code in a UWP application, it was easy to plot a graph of data fed by my Mitutoyo SPC connector project. While I did have to climb the learning curve of a new way of thinking and a new set of vocabulary, but once I climbed it (pretty shallow, all things considered) I understood another huge attraction of Node-RED: the collection of community contributions.

I got a brief glimpse of this when I installed the Node-RED Dashboard extension, where I went in to the extension menus to search for Dashboard. The fact there was a search function implies a sizable number of extensions, so I made a note to check it out later. This was affirmed when I went to search for the serial port node, but again I put it off to later.

Returning to browse the “Flows” directory of Node-RED, I’m very excited by the extensive toolbox people have shared and made easily usable by others. This is a clear sign of a virtuous cycle at work: an attractive and useful tool attracts a seed group of users on its own merits. These users share their improvements, making the tool more useful and attractive to other users, and the cycle repeats until we have a big toolbox with contribution by people everywhere.

I queried for functionalities that I knew I would need for many projects on the hypothetical to-do list. Majority of queries came back with something that looked promising. After a few successful hits in a row, I was half expecting to find a Node-RED extension to control a webcam attached to a 3D printer carriage. Alas, no such extension existed to trivialize my current project. Fortunately, there’s a community contributed battery information node that could pick up where a past project left off, so I’ll try that first.

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