Notes on “Tour of Heroes” Tutorial Introduction

I think I’ve finished preparing my computer for developing Angular applications, so I proceed to start reading the Introduction page of Angular’s “Tour of Heroes” tutorial. The first thing it told us: anyone who hasn’t tried the “Try It” shopping cart example that we can do on StackBlitz should go do that first. It’s easy to get lost online when everything can link to everything else, I appreciated them establishing a recommended ordering.

The high level description of “Tour of Heroes” application is not earth shattering, as it is only intended to demonstrate how to implement all the features common to web applications. And I’ve seen these kinds of tasks before. But that generic sounding paragraph is immediately followed by list of Angular development tasks for accomplishing those features, and I was happy to see that listed up front. Obviously the names for these tasks won’t mean very much to a beginner, but it is worth calling out the major Angular terminology involved so we know to keep our eyes open.

The text description is then followed up by a series of screen shot images of the sample application in action. So we can see what the application should look like in the end. This is another great touch. There have been too many times where I made a mistake and went off track during a tutorial, but I didn’t realize until much later because I didn’t know what the app was supposed to look like. Having this reference will help answer the “Um… is it supposed to look like that?” questions I inevitably have when I follow a tutorial. But this time I am properly armed with the knowledge and can get things set up for the adventure.

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