Acer Aspire Switch 10 (SW5-012) Teardown

With the successful relight of a salvaged Amazon Fire tablet backlight, I’m ready to begin the final chapter of my journey with this Acer Aspire Switch 10 (SW5-012). I’m not the original owner of this machine, so it was never my day-to-day computer. It was retired when it would no longer power-up, and the charger has been lost in the time it was sitting around gathering dust. That nonworking state was how I got it as something to play with.

I diagnosed the power-up problem to a loose cable, and I worked around the lost charger with a hacked-up power connector. That was enough for me to power this system back up. I found it didn’t want to run Linux, but it could run modern Windows 10 surprisingly well. And I didn’t even have to buy another Windows license, as the Windows 8 license embedded in hardware seemed to work just fine. And I undertook some projects like removing its webcam module for security. Because no hacker on the internet can activate a webcam that’s sitting detached in a zip lock bag in another room.

But a computer that runs modern Windows 10 “surprisingly well” for its age is not the same as a computer that runs it well in a useful sense. It’s still an old computer showing its age across the board. Limited RAM, cramped storage, and most personally unsatisfying for me, a low resolution screen. The CPU is not the ill-fated Clover Trail series, but it is still quite slow and is a 32-bit only CPU cut off from modern features of 64-bit operating systems. 32-bit support has already been dropped by MacOS, Ubuntu, even Chrome OS is 64-bit only nowadays.

Finally the system failed again, with the familiar symptom of failing to power up when the power button is pressed. However, this time it was not the loose cable and I failed to find another explanation. It was then retired and I performed a partial disassembly, pulling out its mainboard for a play with a hot air rework station.

I think it is time for me to finish the teardown the rest of the way. The battery pack has already been freed and I think that two-cell lithium ion pack has a future in another project down the line. That leaves the screen, whose low resolution makes it uninteresting as a display but now with two backlight projects under my belt I’m going to see if I can salvage this backlight. Then I’ll see what else might be interesting to salvage from this machine.

Most of what’s left on this convertible laptop main unit were glued together, and I hate fighting glue which is why it halted my earlier teardown. But I have to do it if I want that backlight, so I started thinking about heating up the module to soften the glue. I used to do this with a heat gun, and with the Amazon Fire tablet I used the heated print bed of a retired 3D printer. But we’re now entering the uncomfortably hot phase of Southern California summer. So there’s no need to consume electricity: I can just set this thing out on a brick and let it warm up in the sun and turn my attention to the base section.

4 thoughts on “Acer Aspire Switch 10 (SW5-012) Teardown

  1. I was also given this tablet for spare parts in a non-working condition. The previous owner confused the polarity of the power supply, after which it did not turn on. I found a burnt ferrite near the power connector and a faulty battery charge controller. It also lacks a flat cable to the control buttons. Ferrite and controller with cable order on aliexpress. After replacing the controller, the tablet started charging. I haven’t received the cable yet, so I haven’t been able to turn it on yet. I liked the keyboard. I want to try to make it a universal USB or bluetooth keyboard.


  2. Hi! I received a flat cable from Aliexpress to the control board and was able to turn on the tablet. The motherboard turned out to be working, but the screen, unfortunately, is broken and the image is visible on half of the screen. If your screen is working, then I can sell you my motherboard.


  3. October 2022, and I am posting my comment using this laptop. Windows 10 (22H2) not “surprisingly well” but quite well, YT movies being played very smooth (Brave browser). External full HD (1920×1080) 32″ monitor connected, I apply sharing on 2 screens (default internal plus external). When installing commercial version of Bitdefender I got a warning, something like: too weak hardware to install our product, however – if you insist… I continued, so “the machine” works with Bitdefender in background too. Some caution required when updating the OS, cleaning of previous version and update inatallation files is a must. eMMC disk: 20GB occupied, ~7 GB free. Main use – music server, external DAC, controlled via remote desktop. LibreOffice, movie palyer and some other soft installed too.


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