Basic Browser UI for AS7341

I wrote an ESP32 Arduino sketch that exposes Adafruit AS7341 library readAllChannels() to be accessible via HTTP GET. Now I need to write browser-side code to use it. My first version will be bare bones: plain HTML and as little JavaScript as I can get away with. No consideration will be given for page layout aesthetics, so no CSS will be involved.

Input controls are direct translation of AS7341 parameters: atime, astep, and gain. Output will be JSON returned by my ESP32 sketch, direct with no processing. Making the AS7341 parameters more user-friendly is out of scope for this first version, as is any of the processing and visualization of AS7341 data. I want to do both in the future, but not at first. I wanted to start with this level of direct input/output because I intend to keep this first version around for debugging purposes: when my future fancy version goes awry, I want to be able to bring up this basic version to verify the sensor itself and the network API is still working correctly.

But I deviated from that bare-bones intent pretty quickly, because as soon as I started moving those setting sliders around, I wanted more. I added some JavaScript code to calculate the integration time (in milliseconds) described by atime and astep parameters, and I also added a slider to control milliamps of current to illuminate onboard LED during measurement. (Zero milliamps to turn LED off.) After a few measurements of LED flashing in my face, I added another parameter: whether or not to leave LED illuminated after taking a measurement. A steady-on LED is less annoying than a rapidly blinking one.

Another reason for keeping the user interface bare-bones is to verify all behind-the-scenes infrastructure are working as I expected. They did not! Debugging those failures led me to realize my ignorance with some security-related web development concepts. This is great: I wanted a learning project, and now I’m learning about “CORS” and “Mixed Content”.

Code for this project is publicly available on GitHub

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